Written by Marlen Stahlhuth
Posted 18/01/2013
The winter arrived in Berlin just as the Fashion Week opened, but even sub-zero temperatures couldn't stop the fashion pack from enduring standing outside for hours in order to be part of the notorious Fashion Week Party.

It is a tradition now that the guys from Dandy Diary hold the Fashion Week's Opening Party every six months, in conjunction with the fashion show. The event that last season ended with an elephant, ringmasters and the Facehunter continued last night with punks, beer showers and a tranny show.

It wasn't just the doors of the former Scala club that opened at 10 am – there was also a free bar for the first 60 minutes, which was of course shamelessly exploited. And a good level of alcohol in the blood certainly helped to make the first live act more bearable. In addition to raucous bawling, the "real" punk band also provided an entertaining stage show, which seemed to mainly consist of pouring copious amounts of beer onto the heads of the audience. The guests, at least most of them, took the experience on the chin.

Most of the guests also had punk-inspired outfits, to a greater or lesser extent, although there was quite a range of interpretations regarding this particular look: plenty of studs, leather, washed-out, torn denim jeans and colourful hair. There was everything from classic punk styles with mohawks and tartan to a range of rave-inspired cyber punk styles.

Aside from the ever wilder audience, the highlight of the evening was the strip/porn show put on by a group of trannies. Punky and contagious, some of the audience also got involved. The backdrop to this whole spectacle consisted of scuffed walls, a sprayed logo wall, sub-zero degree portable toilets in the back yard and the odd rat or two – although that might just have been a rumour.

And a lot of alcohol flowed….which is no doubt as it should be at a punk party. Guys, we look forward to seeing what you have in store for us in six months time. So until then: yeah, yeah, yeah – punk is back!