Written by William Oliver
Posted 21/01/2013


Set up by two friends, Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki, ten years ago, Kitsuné is a brand that encompasses both music and fashion. Having met in front of a skateboard shop when they were kids, the two friends had ended up travelling with Daft Punk while they were touring. Assisting and supporting the two superstar DJs, the concept of Kitsuné came to them while in Japan, wanting to produce something new for Japanese kids that pulled on all their varied interests. Now firmly established as a super fun but interesting record label and a clothing line of classic pieces updated with a twist, this season Florence's trade show Pitti Immagine invited Maison Kitsune to stage their debut presentation. Showcasing next season's womenswear on their acts Yelle and Saint Lou Lou and some classic suiting on Citizens!, the presentation was shown in a beautiful Italian baroque building, complete with fresco's. Hosted by the ever-animated Yoon & Ambush, the show was a perfect example of the Kitsuné attitude. We caught up with one half of the founders, Gildas Loaëc, to discuss the last ten years and the next ten years of the Kitsuné community.

District MTV: What made you want Kitsuné to be about fashion, art and music, a community rather than simply a record label?

Gildas Loaëc: I think what makes Kitsuné unique is that it isn't pretending to be a music label, we are proper music label, and we sign and develop bands properly. Our band Two Door Cinema Club, for example, sold a million copies of their first album. It is the same with Maison Kitsuné, a proper fashion label. We are very careful about the fabrics and the quality of the manufacturing, as well as the proposal.

D: What is your approach to the artists you work with? Is there a Kitsune sound?

GL: We love songs and emotions; I'm also more and more looking for artists who are able to perform live. Citizens! are a great example. Their tracks are fantastic and the band is a must see live act.

D: As designers, is the band's aesthetic important to you? Is there a Kitsuné sense of style that you look for?

GL: Music first, our priority is on the writing of the song. After that, if a band or artist is handsome or cute, of course it is a plus.

D: What is the aesthetic behind Kitsuné as fashion label?

GL: Chic and classic. We use beautiful fabrics and care about the quality of the manufacturing. We aren't designers in the sense that we are inventing a new way of dressing, we adapt classic pieces to fit todays style.

D: What was the inspiration behind Spring Summer 13?

GL: The American way of living in Los Angeles. Our Maison Kitsuné Spring Summer 2013 collection is more of a street feel than we have ever done previously.

D: You showed at Pitti this season as a Guest Designer, how did that feel?

GL: After hesitating a bit, as it is a premiere for us, we thought it was a great opportunity to make our debut presentation at Pitti. It was a bit outside of the usual fashion cities, London, Paris, New York, so felt like the perfect location for a premiere, a bit like entering the fashion game by the back door.

D: Where do you want to take Kitsune next?

GL: We want Kitsuné to be the most loveable brand ever made. A big ambition I know.