Written by Milly McMahon
Posted 04/02/2013
Katie Eary

Heightening kudos through the use of outfits and dictating tomorrow's trends, style is everything to a rap artist. One designer who is currently dressing some of the most powerful and influential players in the game is conceptual menswear turned womenswear designer, Katie Eary. Rihanna, 2 Chains and A$AP all covet her print-heavy pieces, relying on Eary's clothes to keep them at the forefront of fashion.

Discovering her label in its infancy, Kanye West initially contacted Katie via Twitter, expressing his deep admiration for her work. After a short exchange that Katie describes as "an explosion of ideas, opinions and incredible one liners", both contemporary creatives forged a deep affiliation.
Katie Eary chilling with Kanye West

Investing emotionally and financially in the Katie Eary empire, Kanye soon appointed her first in command of his own fashion label, which launched last year. "I bring the weirdness and he tailors it to make it more sophisticated," Katie says describing their working process. Further adding that the G.O.O.D music producer is always the first to congratulate her on each season's collection and can sporadically be spotted sitting front row at her shows.

Crystallizing the fantastical signature Eary aesthetic for A/W 13, which showed earlier this month, impressed both contemporary trailblazers and sartorial fashion editors the world over. Entitled 'The Blood Is The Life', Katie referenced themes prevalent in her imagined world of forbidden pleasures. Working with a rich palette of fuchsia pinks, royal blues and a signature blood red, an intoxicating world of oversized soldiers were dispatched down her runway in single file, accessorised with industrial weight gold chokers, dark shades and ID Air Jordan Spizikes, styled by Wonderlands fashion editor Way Perry. Appearing after the last model sloped from the stage, Katie danced, laughed and then left, a true personality in the poker-faced world of high fashion. We caught up with Katie who told us why she always laughs the loudest, last.

District MTV: How involved has Kanye been with your design processes over the past few months?

Katie Eary: I always tell him what I'm up to. He's always extremely supportive. In fact, he has always believed in me, when it felt at times I was fighting a loosing battle.

D: How does Kanye's creative vision influence your own work ethic?

KE: He makes me and many others believe everything is possible, and there is always more to be done. All very positive and constant excitement, combined with a 'fuck you' attitude, makes you feel good. :)

D: What's the best memory you have of time you and Kanye have spent together?

KE: The first trip to Paris for his first show and running away from the paps. What the most exciting moment! I really felt like I was part of something incredible.

D: How hard do you think it is for someone as famous for music as Kanye is to break into the competitive world of high fashion?

KE: I was actually really shocked at how nasty people were after his show, he is flesh and blood like the rest of us. The talent is there for sure; l just hope people give him a break and let him grow without the ridicule. He works really hard, 24/7 and truly loves fashion. Why isn't that enough just because he is famous...? Haters will hate.

D: Can you see Kim wearing any of your designs some day soon?

KE: Of course, she will look fit in it!

D: How does Kanye dress on a day to basis?

KE: Simple apparel teamed with a good staple pair of leather trousers.

D: Since Rihanna first started wearing the label, how have sales been affected?

KE: The T's rocketed, it was crazy...

D: Which other emerging talents do you cite as having trail blazing style?

KE: All of Kanye's mates! haha. They all dress amazingly! Don C, Ibn, Virgil, they all look so good, all of the time.

D: What is on your wish list for your wardrobe in the coming season?

KE: Only Hedi Slimane.

D: What is the most treasured item in your wardrobe?

KE: At the moment it's my Celine shirt. It's a white cotton shirt with blue panels from the cuff to elbow.
Katie Eary AW13

Kanye West AW12