Written by Georgina Langford
Posted 29/05/2013
About to Instagram your coffee? Hold it right there. Not only is that picture of your flat white soul-destroyingly boring, but it's also not going to help you reach the dizzying heights of Instafame achieved by some of the new celebrities of the Internet. To become truly Instagram famous, you need to seriously up your game with the pictures you post, and being a model/cult fashion designer/ pop star/tattooist will work in your favour. Obviously.

Never underestimate just how much power is contained within a two-square-inch photo and don't even get us started on serial hashtaggers. Aside from the Instagram careerists hawking followers for cash (yes, that's a thing now) there is also an elite group of users who have accumulated massive followings based purely on their pictures. Documenting their '70s style, sepia filtered, envy-inducing lives, four of the District MTV favourite Insta-stars are Chloe Norgaard, Diva Hollands, Doe Deere and Hannah Snowdon.
Chloe Norgaard

'Arts&Crafts Model Gypsy Lover'
IRL profession: Model

Chloe's Instagram looks like a bag of Skittles was mixed up with some Cherry Cola and then exploded onto Venice Beach. Colourful doesn't quite cut it when it comes to this fluro-haired model and NYC It girl; a Nylon and Terry Richardson favourite, Chloe seems to change her hair colour on a fortnightly basis (although with all her photoshoots, she hardly ever resorts to posting selfies). Her multi-coloured manicure is coveted and copied by many.
Diva Hollands

'Real-life mermaid / Tattoo and animal lover / Anything that sparkles'
IRL profession: Model

In contrast to Chloe, British belle Diva is queen of the selfie – not that her 14.5k followers are going to get bored of that face anytime soon. Another colourful creature, Diva's hair frequently moves through the spectrum, as she posts clothing giveaways, backstage pics from shoots for clothing brands like Ragged Priest and Nasty Gal, alongside snaps by photographer Stuart Mitchell (@walnutwax, another Insta-famous). She's already getting fan art sent her way, so expect her following to keep getting bigger.
Doe Deere

'Entrepreneur. Eccentric. Unicorn Queen'
IRL profession: Founder of Lime Crime make-up

Anyone that describes herself as a "Unicorn Queen" is setting expectations high, but Doe Deere does not disappoint. The doll-faced make-up artist and owner of Lime Crime, Doe frequently posts super-kawaii images of her life, as well as promoting her work. "Anything and anyone happening is on there! I use it mostly to post pictures of my outfits, make-up and to connect with fans of my beauty brand, Lime Crime," she says. If you want to be as famous as Doe, get your unicorn horns at the ready.
Hannah Snowdon

'Tattooist based in the UK'
IRL profession: Tattooist and model

In contrast to our other three Insta-stars, Hannah is more alternative. She is a raven-haired beauty and an incredibly talented tattooist. Linking her Instagram following through to her Black Stabbath Tumblr, Hannah documents her detailed black ink work, as well as the occasional shoot – she's another @walnutwax favourite. She just happens to be the girlfriend of Oliver Sykes, which means super keen Bring Me The Horizon fans can snoop behind-the-scenes on tour with the band via Hannah's phone.

In conclusion: get yourself a pretty face, a fun job, a famous boyfriend and a flattering photo filter and just watch the 'likes' roll in…

Or you could just take pictures of your (preferably tattooed) legs in the bath. Surefire winner.

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