Written by Georgina Langford
Posted 24/10/2013
District MTV is obsessed with the 19-year-old novelist Alex Kazemi and his amazing debut novel, YOURS TRULY, BRAD SELA. Even though Alex was just a young child in the period he has written about, he manages to capture so many iconic 90s elements; high school dramas, crushes on goth girls and Shirley Manson, MTV and VCRs. We are not the only ones – Azealia Banks and Chloe Moretz are also big fans, posting snippets from the book on their Instagram accounts. Until recently, you could read the first 50 pages of the …BRAD SELA online, but Alex has now taken them down and buried them in the deep, dark web, because he has written a new beginning to the story - which District MTV exclusively presents today. The full version of YOURS TRULY, BRAD SELA will be published by MTV Books in 2014, but for now you can read the first 10 pages below – plus a quote from Alex Kazemi on why you should say hi to the new, improved …BRAD SELA.


"The first 50 pages of YOURS TRULY, BRAD SELA that I uploaded to the Internet was a bit like a rough demo that is now being mixed and mastered. I am spending more time with the story; things are changing as I am changing everyday. I'm happy the old version (known as "the first 50 pages") is in the deep web where people have to hunt down the file and find someone who has it that will share with them or people can try to remember the images in the scenes they read from the old version without being able to revisit the text. If they really want it, they'll seek it. Things are changing but this will still be the same story the audience that helped make this happen loved, just better and I couldn't be more excited to reveal the first 10 pages on District MTV now…."


YOURS TRULY, BRAD SELA will be published by MTV Books in 2014.

Yours Truly, Brad Sela By: Alex Kazemi by ALEX KAZEMI