Written by Georgina Langford
Posted 18/10/2013
The delightfully French singer and actress Soko last put out a video in June of this year for 'Monster Love', which was a short film to soundtrack her song of the same name. It's an extremely cute Beauty and the Beast-style story about a monster falling in love with a mermaid (that's also appropriately putting us in a Halloween mood). Soko took time out from being generally adorable to tell us about her musical memories, which you can read below, as well as listening to the tracks she chose. We can't wait to hear new music from Soko – and if you haven't yet seen 'Monster Love', that's below too. What a treat.

The song that made you want to start a band

'Typical Girls' - The Slits

Always makes me want to start an all girls punk / post punk band… I WILL do it one day…

The song that reminds you of the best night of your life

'Only Sixteen' - Sam Cooke

This reminds me of my first dreamy night with Asia Argento…it was in Cannes, at the Martinez hotel. She sang that song to me coz she thought I was so young - that was one of the dreamiest unpredictable night of my life…

The song that makes you think of a friend

'Penelope Tree' – FELT

Reminds me of my friend Gregg Foreman. He's been recording with me lately, and we were playing this song all the time. I love to listen to this song while driving… it always makes me super happy.

The song that makes you think of London

'10am Gare Du nord' - Keaton Henson

To me he IS London. Each time I go there, I imagine myself with him, lovingly, in the snowy cold white winter…meanwhile, I have this song he wrote me, as only memory… it's about the first time he came to visit me in Paris.

The song you listen to when you are feeling blue

'Unloveable' - The Smiths

Coz that's mostly how I feel… lonely and unloveable... not even fishing here.. just sad reality.

The song that was the first one you learned to play

'As Tears Go by' – The Rolling Stones/Marianne Faithfull

It's pretty simple chords and I've always liked this song so much. It felt like an easy choice and something I'd want to cover live too.

The song that inspired you to write one for your new album

'Fire In Cairo' - The Cure

Three Imaginary Boysis my favourite record of all time so I guess it was only natural that the music that I'm working on right now is subliminally starting to start like this… in my head at least.


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