Written by William Oliver
Posted 24/04/2013
Going from an anonymous fashion insider commenting on the world she worked in, initially starting her influential DisneyRollerGirl blog while Fashion Director of CosmoGIRL! Magazine, Navaz Batliwalla has more than established herself as an integral figure in the industry. 'Coming out' through a blog post back in January 2011, Navaz has gone on to embed herself in the enviable freelance career of fashion consultant, stylist, writer and editor, while still regularly posting on her site. Her voice is informative and aware; Batliwalla is a woman with a thorough and credible understanding of the fashion world at large.

As it is YO! MTV Raps month here at District MTV and knowing that Navaz is a music, as well as fashion, aficionado and has more than a bit of a love for old school hip-hop, we decided to ask her to curate this week's Midweek Mixtape. And an absolute classic it is too!

District MTV: You chose a lot of tracks from the late 80s and early 90s. What is it about that period that you love?

Navaz Batliwalla: They were the golden years for hip-hop and it was the stuff I was listening to growing up. Inevitably, the music you hear in those defining years shapes your experiences and identity. And naturally the look was really important - the styling, the videos - it wasn't as mainstream and commercial as it is now.

DMTV: What made hip-hop different back then?

NB: It was more authentic and there was a party vibe to the music, before it went all moody and gangsta.

DMTV: Who is your hip-hop style icon and why?

NB: Afrika Bambaataa. The head dresses, the sunglasses, the sheer bonkersness!

DMTV: Do you work any of that 90s hip-hop look now?

NB: Of course. I still love my old Stussy T-shirts, my Adidas shell toes (knackered as they are) and my body warmer. I'm also partial to a bit of OTT bling on occasion.

DMTV: What are your top trend tips for summer?

NB: I'm really into western and bowling shirts to wear with baggy jeans and skinny too-short trousers at the moment. And I love all the fun, kitsch sunglasses by Karen Walker and House of Holland.