Written by Melanie Hick
Posted 18/01/2013

He's stolen the stage from Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs, compared himself to God in Jesus Walks and impregnated one of the world's most coveted sex tapers, Kim Kardashian with baby Kimye now on the way. Strap yourself in, Kanye West, that shrinking violet of hip-hop hyperbole, is our District MTV archive icon of the month.

When we unlock the MTV vaults each month and dive into the decades of tapes, we try to find you someone who has epic backpages, someone who has a worldwide influence on music and an artist who's career has impacted style and music equally. Kanye West has done it all WITH CAPS LOCK ON.

Yeezy taught us, and a whole new generation of hip-hop artists, how to dress with his love of a ladies' blouse, red on red colourblocking and his own collection which has twice shown in Paris. Kanye has smoothed the way for a wealth of style conscious hip-hop artists when their previous options were limited to gold teeth, hoodies and trainers.

On the style tip, Katie Eary and Avigail from Silverspoon Attire speak to us about working with Kanye on his KW clothing collection. Inspired by West's love of a Celine blouse, Mark Kean, photographer for Dansk, shoots a beautiful series of men interpreting womens clothes a la Kanye – showing that blokes in women's clothing is not always a drag act.

A$ap Rocky talks about how Yeezy influenced his own music, we breakdown the game-changing music video All Of The Lights while Kit Neale assembles the ultimate Kanye playlist. Inspired by the musical potential of his future offspring, baby Kimye, we've also found you the best kid rappers around.

In Graduation Day on the College Dropout album Yeezy raps "I got something better than school but don't tell anybody", a line that rings true with many. So we tapped the rich vein of talented college dropouts who've left university behind to make it on their own. Talent like Romy Madley-Croft from The xx, Cailin Hill blogger from The Model Burnbook and India Truselle, stylist.

You're probably not surprised to hear that MTV has some stunning Kanye moments in the archive. We uncovered Kanye breaking it down freestyle in 2004, plus we've mashed together all of his best MTV moments into a must-watch highlights reel.

A Yeezy special is nothing without his famous faux pas and bombastic statements, so we've trawled Twitter for his best outbursts and tact-free moments too.

If you love or hate that Kanye is our icon of the month, have your say in choosing our next icon. Kanye follows Madonna, The Pet Shop Boys, Kylie Minogue and Gwen Stefani on the list of icons we have unearthed. Do you love them? Hate them? Meh them? Tell us which stars and MTV shows you'd like us to unlock from the vaults by emailing me at Melanie.hick@districtmtv.com